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Augmented Reality is the next big thing in mobile app development that helps to enhance the smartphone user experience. Showing the real-world through digital lenses, AR helps people to interact better with brands. The technology is popular with a wide range of industries like manufacturing units, healthcare, retail, gaming world, entertainment, marketing & advertising, and more. Stay ahead of the race in the enterprise world by developing AR-based mobile apps and bring an enhanced level of user experience.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a digital age technology that enables users to see real world happenings and objects digitally. With this technology, developers can add the functionality of enhancing the part of the user’s physical world with computer-generated inputs. It serves the two-way communication between the user and the brand digitally.

Get Tailor-Made AR App Development Services

We at OrangeMantra offer innovative hands to enterprises to develop result-oriented mobile apps infused with AR technology. Here, we use cutting-edge technology drive to help your business reach new heights. Whether developing a fast-moving gaming app, virtually pleasing retail platform, healthcare service app, and more, we develop it all. Our extensive team of AR app developers are well-versed with Augmented Reality technology and help your brand to connect real-world settings with the digital space and enable interactive and engaging experiences for customers.

Develop AR-based Android and iOS apps to reach a wide spectrum of targetted audiences and increase your ROI. We have an expert approach in developing an Augmented Reality mobile application for numerous platforms, adding robust functionalities, designing customized elements, and giving an optimum level of maintenance and support.

Augmented Reality Mobile App Development Services

As a leading AR app development company, we are here to deliver reliable and top-notch AR app development solutions that cater to the varying requirements of different industries.

Custom AR Development

We provide extended support to organizations getting the advanced level of video transmission, 3D rendering, image recognition, and other technical functionalities on mobile apps.

AR Experience Design

Our team of AR app developers follows a strategic process of combining interactive design elements and enrich the level of UX. Special emphasis is given on sound and animated graphics having rich content inside.

Hardware-Level Development

Here, we provide a comprehensive list of AR app development solutions backed by our server-side solutions, cameras, accelerometers, GPS to other available systems.

Our Expertise in Augmented Reality App Development Service

We deliver exceptionally profitable Augmented Reality mobile app development solutions. We have our expertise in developing versatile applications infused with AR features to enhance the overall user experience.

Android & iOS AR Apps

Our experienced team of AR developers creates scalable, secure, flexible, and robust mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. We build unique applications ideally infused with Augmented Reality features and turning ideas into reality. The AR-based apps offer intuitive and user-friendly access to customers on a diverse range of platforms.

AR Gaming Apps

We have a specialized team of mobile app developers fully responsible for developing AR-based gaming applications. The team possesses an in-depth series of talent to build interactive gaming apps that allow users to get a real-life playing experience to an optimum level.

AR eCommerce Apps

Drive more sales and increase the overall retail business ROI with result-oriented AR eCommerce applications. Expand the search horizon of customers along with improving the way they look for specific products via Augmented Reality technology.

Location-Based AR Apps

As the name itself implies, AR location-based apps use the device’s GPS, accelerometer, and compass technology to showcase real-life coordinates and directions to smartphone users. Our skilled and experienced developers have the proficiency to develop apps having an excellent tracking feature to target respective customers.

AR Mobile App Maintenance & Support

We make sure the fact that your AR mobile application runs well in all circumstances without facing any technical glitch. Here, we provide you an optimum level of app development support in terms of updating, adding new features, maintaining security, and stability among end-users.

Why Choose Us for Augmented Reality App Development Services?

OrangeMantra is a pioneer and result-oriented Augmented Reality App Development company that ensure positive outcomes concerning our development services and helping clients to achieve a competitive advantage over others. Rely on us to develop technically advanced AR app by availing reliable services and optimum level of support.

  • Successful project execution in the shortest possible time.
  • Extended team of certified and trained mobile app developers.
  • High creative and engaging development ideas.
  • Quality assurance & security adherence.
  • Result-driven and profitable approach to make a difference.
  • In-depth knowledge and skill.
  • Maintaining high-level of integrity & transparency
  • Innovative ideas & turning them into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

AR technology is efficient to layer images, graphics, and videos over printed content and bring an engaging appeal of grabbing the information. It brings the live secondary perspective of the real world with augmented features.

Augmented Reality technology in mobile apps provide an enhanced level of user experience, enrich the security protocol, bring better clarity & insights, reduce the marketing cost, and much more as per your enterprise requirements.

It depends on a range of factors including project type, nature of the business, complexity, number of revisions, designing, and several other considerations. It all depends on your requirements to fixed the timeline.

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